Paul Klee, “Fire in the Evening” (1929)

Paul Klee, "Fire in the Evening" (1929)

Paul Klee, “Fire in the Evening” (1929)

With “Fire in the Evening”, Klee’s employs his “strata” structure of colored stripes and blocks to partly conceal or partly uncover a blue hour landscape scene. The work’s title provides instructions on how to read or decipher the composition and leaves no room for other interpretations. Developed through a geometric progression pattern, the strata provide only a partial view of the scene, making the detail denser only locally and away from the supposed fire, which is rendered as a centrally placed, glowing red block. Following Klee’s instructions, the land, the horizon and the sky are immediately identified and even a hint of twilight can be recognized, depicted as a long, pink stratum on the top of the picture.


One Comment on “Paul Klee, “Fire in the Evening” (1929)”

  1. Alejandra says:

    What Do I see?
    What Is This Artwork about?
    How do I know?

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