Pablo Neruda

Ode to Numbers (from “Elemental Odes”, 1952 – 1957)

Numbered (from “Barren Terrain”, 1969 – 1972)

Jorge Luis Borges

… out of reach as algebra and the moon (“Al idioma alemán”, 1972)

Albert Camus

The horror of mathematical certainty (“The Stranger”, 1942)

Edgar Allan Poe

The pagan algebraists (“The Purloined Letter”, 1844)

… enormously at variance with truth (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”, 1842)

… a gross error redolent of mischief … (“The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”, 1842)

Fyodor Dostoevsky

…nothing but psychology to go on, yet now you’ ve gone on to mathematics… (“Crime and Punishment”, 1866).

…not some half – hidden, retrograde desire for miracles […] simply a case of mathematical calculation… (“The Brothers Karamazov”, 1880).

I Have a Euclidean, an earthly mind… (“The Brothers Karamazov”, 1880).

…the sum of sufferings which is necessary for the purchase of truth… (“The Brothers Karamazov”, 1880).

Gustave Flaubert

A received idea about mathematics (“The dictionary of received ideas”, 1881).

James Joyce

He proves by algebra that Hamlet’s grandson is Shakespeare’s grandfather… (“Ulysses”, 1922).

Musemathematics (“Ulysses”, 1922).

An eternity scarcely begun… (“A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” , 1916)

…symbols moved in grave morrice […] wearing quaint caps of squares and cubes… (“Ulysses”, 1922)

Jack Kerouac

Everything since the Greeks predicated wrong […] can’t make it with geometrical systems of thinking.   (“On the Road” , 1951)

Soeren Kierkegaard

I merely touch tangentially upon the periphery of her existence… (“The Seducer’s diary”, 1843)

… a division of the ideal and the real … (Journals 1834 – 1836)

The most complete formula for loving (Journals 1848 – 1849)

Christ is the tangent (Journals 1848 – 1849)

Paul Klee

Mathematics and the prehistory of the visible (Notebooks).

Le Corbusier

What is Architecture (“Vers une architecture”, 1923)

Thomas Mann

Non – Euclidean Geometry to impress the ladies (“Little Herr Friedemann”, 1896)

Federico García Lorca

Forest of Numbers (“Suites – Wheels of Fortune)

Robert Musil

Art equals four times Kitsch minus Meaning. But then what is Art? (“Posthumous papers of a living author”, 1936).

Vladimir Nabokov

…the desperately and terribly trivial laws of mathematics… (“Despair”,1932)

Fernando Pessoa

…a destination equally indifferent in the algebra of mystery… (“The book of Disquiet”, ca 1920 – 1930)

A Malthusian law of sensitivity (“Ultimatum”, 1917)

The arithmetic mean of subjectivities (“Ultimatum”, 1917)

The advent of a mathematical and perfect Humanity (“Ultimatum”, 1917)

A mire – equation (“Ultimatum”, 1917)

The mathematics of being (from a poem of Álvaro de Campos, heteronym of Fernando Pessoa, 1928)

George Ribemont Dessaignes

Mathematical and poetic metaphysical pepper and cucumbers… (“A Dadaist manifesto”, 1920).

William Saroyan

…mathematics highly polished and slick as a green onion to the teeth… (“The daring young man on the flying trapeze”,1934)

A Möbius – structured tall tale (“Ever Fall in Love With a Midget?”, 1938)

Arno Schmidt

The pointed Hippocratic face of the moon…(“Brand’s Heide”, 1949).

…deeply educated, rich minds are apt to making ridiculous errors when scientific – especially mathematical – education is missing… (“Leviathan”, 1949).

…Artists and Scientists […] amongst them the humblest is a thousand times greater than the great Xerxes (“Leviathan”, 1949)

Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy

Integrating the infinitesimals of History (“War and Peace”, 1869)

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