A mire – equation

Fernando Pessoa (1888 - 1935)

Fernando Pessoa (1888 – 1935)

You, the cannons, creep while reciting your incompetence to have more ambitions than bullets and more intelligence than bombs! Because here’s the mire – equation of the dishonesty of the machine – gun cosmopolitanism:

mireDeclare with loud voice that none fights for Freedom or Justice. The whole world fights from fear of the others!

From “Ultimatum”, a text by Álvaro de Campos, heteronym of Fernando Pessoa, published in the first and only issue of “Portugal Futurista” (November 1917).

An algebraic relation of proportionality is employed by Álvaro de Campos, possibly to express the historical analogy between the National Schism of Greece and German Flamenpolitik in Belgium.


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